Miami Immigration Lawyer - Adjustment of Status with I-601 Waiver

Represented an individual in adjustment of status proceedings before USCIS in need of an I-601 waiver for unlawful presence and a conviction for Possession of Stolen Property. Individual was an arriving alien with a Removal Order. At the interview, deportation officers were waiting for him until we explained to the adjudication officer that USCIS retains jurisdiction to adjust status for arriving aliens.

Miami Immigration Attorney - Marriage Visa Petition

Husband and wife presented themselves for I-130 visa petition and I-485 Green Card application case at the Kendall USCIS Field Office. The applications were filed concurrently. After an interview with the Kendall USCIS Adjudications Officer, the case was approved.

Miami Immigration Visa Attorney - Cuban Adjustment Act

Native and Citizen of Cuba granted Lawful Permanent Residence pursuant to the Section 1 of the Cuban Adjustment Act. Individual had criminal history issues but Green Card was granted without the need for a waiver (pardon).

Miami Immigration Attorney - Adjustment of Status - Cuban Adjustment Act

Client came to us after his application for a Green Card had been pending for over one year with no answer. The client had a minor criminal infraction also. We were able to obtain the necessary information to move his case along with USCIS.

Miami Immigration Lawyer - I-130 Marriage Petition with I-212 Waiver

Colombian National, previously accepted voluntary departure and left the United States. She is married to a United States citizen and her initial I-130 petition was denied erroneously. Our firm represented her and the I-130 was reinstated and approved. Also approved was an I-212 waiver, permission to re-apply for admission.

Miami Immigration Attorney - I-130 visa petition

I-130 approval notice received from USCIS Tampa for 11 yr. old Step-Daughter of a United States citizen.

Adjustment of Status with Waiver - Miami Immigration Lawyer

Our client, a Haitian national married a United States citizen and filed for his green card based on the marriage. USCIS required a waiver; however, because our client had entered the United States with a fraudulent visa. We filed a waiver on our client's behalf and convinced the USCIS that he was worthy of a favorable exercise of discretion and they granted the waiver and his green card application.

Removing Conditions of Residency - Immigation Attorney - Miami

Woman from Peru with her conditional residency through marriage to a United States citizen needed to remove the conditions but she was divorced. We applied on form I-751 with a request for a waiver of the joint filing requirement. After an interview at the Miami field office, the application was approved and our client will get a 10 year permanent resident card through marriage even though she is divorced from her petitioner husband.

Immigration Lawyer - Cuban Adjustment Case

Cuban entered the United States without inspection or parole. Without inspection or parole, he could not apply for his green card through the Cuban Adjustment Act. We were able to obtain a parole for him. Once we obtained the parole, we applied for his green card and, after two requests for further information from USCIS, he was finally approved.

Miami Immigration Lawyer - Petition to Remove Conditions

Venezuelan National previously married to a United States citizen and granted a temporary green card. During the next two years, her husband mistreated her and she was forced to file for divorce before applying for her permanent green card. We represented her before the Miami USCIS where she applied on her own to become a lawful permanent resident. After the interview with USCIS, the examining officer granted her case and stamped her passport.

Haitian Adjustment of Status - Miami Immigration Lawyer

Our client, a Bahamian Citizen, and Haitian National, was denied adjustment while his entire family was granted a green card by USCIS. The reason for the denial was that the USCIS did not consider him a Haitan citizen. After several re-submissions of his application and proof that his mother is a Haitian citizen. Because we were able to prove that our client is a Haitian Citizen, he was granted his green card under the old law passed by President Clinton.

Adjustment of Status to LPR - Immigration Attorney Oakland Park

Our client's adjustment of status application was pending since February 2007. This was a complicated case because Interpol was involved due to an issue in Europe. We communicated with ICE/ Regulations and Disclosure Branch in Washington, D.C., and they removed his case from the database which paved the way for our client's adjustment of status to Lawful Permanent Resident status.

Abused Spouse Self Petition - Miami Immigration Lawyer

Our client, a Mexican National, was married to a lawful permanent resident. She suffered abuse at the hands of her husband. We filed an I-360 Self-Petition which was approved with deferred action (15 months) for mother and daughter. Our client lived in 4 different states, New Mexico, Arizona, California, and Florida.

I-601 Waiver

Our client, the wife and mother of US citizens, was the beneficiary of a petition filed by her US citizen husband. Although she had overstayed her visa years ago, she qualified to adjust her status without departing the US because of her marriage. She was represented by a notary who told her that she had to leave the US to adjust status. This was horrible advice. She departed the US and thus triggered the ten year bar from returning to the US. Our client then hired our firm to appeal the denial of an I-601 waiver. We appealed, and the case was granted and reversed.

I-130 Notice of Intent to Deny

Husband and wife presented themselves for I-130 visa petition and I-485 Green Card application case at the West Palm Beach USCIS Field Office. The applications were filed concurrently. Prior to this case the applicant had filed for residency through her then Cuban husband and in the interview the officer found many discrepancies and accused the applicant of marrying to circumvent Immigration laws. USCIS sent a Notice of Intent to Deny the I-130.

We responded to the Notice of Intent to Deny with a comprehensive defense of the first and second marriges. After review, the USCIS reversed their decision and granted the current I-130 petition.

E-2 Investor Visa - Italian Linen Co.

Pozo Goldstein’s Business Immigration Attorneys recently obtained an E-2 investor visa for a luxury Italian linen company. The company has been in business for several years and was interested in bringing a principal investor to the United States to lead plans for nationwide growth over the upcoming years. The client is currently in The United States pursuing expansion opportunities.

U Visa

We represented a client who was assaulted by someone with a firearm who also assaulted his two minor children. The perpetrator was charged and convicted of false imprisonment, and lewd and lascivious behavior on a child. Because our client cooperated with the authorities resulting in a conviction of the former police officer and now criminal, a U visa was granted.

O-1 Visa

The business visa attorneys with Pozo Goldstein, LLP recently obtained an O-1 visa for a foreign national with extraordinary ability in business, specifically global corporate expansion. He will now work to help foreign businesses enter the U.S. market – we are fortunate to have such an extraordinary individual in the country!

U Visa

Our client was assaulted at a gas station in Panama City, Florida where he was a store clerk. Defendants hit our client in the head with a claw hammer numerous times. The defendants then proceeded to take $1,000.00 in cash from the register and our client was left inside the store bleeding from the head.

He received seven pin staples or stitches due to the injuries. He also underwent a CT scan. In addition to the substantial physical abuse he suffered, our client suffered extreme mental distress and depression because he was subsequently sued by Bay Medical Hospital for failure to pay the medical bills that resulted from the medical treatment he received the night of the incident.

The first defendant was convicted of Principal in the First Degree to Robbery with a Deadly Weapon on March 30, 2012 and he was sentenced to one year in county jail, one year of community control, eight years of probation, one hundred hours of public service work, $1,077.00 in court costs and fines, no contact with the victim or the co-defendant and $750.00 in restitution to our client, among other things. The second defendant was convicted of Robbery with a Deadly Weapon, Aggravated Battery and Grand Theft.

Our client was admitted to the United States on an F-1 visa on June 6, 2007 to pursue a master's degree. He received his Master's of Science in Electrical Engineering on July 27, 2007. He former employer filed a Petition for a Nonimmigrant Worker, Form I-129 on behalf of our client but this visa process was not completed after he lost his job with the sponsoring company!

Immigrant Visa with I-601 Waiver

Our client, a native and citizen of Israel, was previously deported from the United States. His United States citizen wife petitioned for him to obtain an immigrant visa (green card). Because of his previous unlawful presence and deportation, he needed a waiver and a showing of extreme hardship to a qualifying relative. We were able to convince the consular officer in Israel that extreme hardship was present in this case and all applications for benefits were approved. Our client successfully consular processed with the waiver and is now present in the United States as a green card holder.

Since early last year, the availability of the new Stateside Waiver, has brought a rush of clients to our Miami office who are living in the South Florida area who are currently not in lawful status. Many of these clients are married to United States citizens, but previously were not able to adjust their status to lawful permanent residency, due to their manner of entry. Since 2001, these petitions were exclusive to immigrants who entered with a visa, or could prove they were inspected and admitted.

A recent couple, who had been married for a few years and had a young child, retained our services to help with their petition. We gathered voluminous documentation supporting the validity of relationship and filed an extensive package to USCIS with the I-130 petition.

We are thrilled to continue representing same sex couples following the repeal of DOMA last June. What we have noticed is the speed of the process in these particular cases. Just recently we filed an I-130 petition, simultaneously with the I-485 application for a same sex couple. They met, while working as professional dancers on a major cruise line. They became a couple long before the DOMA was repealed and were married prior to last June as well. One of the men, a native and citizen of Australia wished to become a lawful permanent resident and reside in the United States with his spouse, once they stopped traveling with the cruise line. Our Australian client entered for several years on a crewman (or C-1 visa). Despite this, we filed for his residency by virtue of his marriage to a U.S. citizen.

The couple had an extensive number of photographs and memorabilia that depicted the evolution of their relationship throughout the years and through visits to more than twenty countries. We submitted many of these, creating a story for the examining officer to follow allowing him to follow their relationship from dating through marriage. When we at attended the interview, the ICE officer expressed his gratification with our firm for the ease of the interview due to the thorough and organized package we filed. He did not separate the couple to ask any questions about their relationship

Business Investment Visa

The Orlando Business Visa Team with Pozo Goldstein, LLP successfully assisted a Central Florida hotel supply manufacturer/distributor obtain a visa for one of their founding members. The visa will allow him to serve as the company's CEO where he will be instrumental developing their future endeavors. The individual's entrepreneurial experience and extensive education are imperative to the success of the company. Only an individual with his marketing experience and knowledge of the company would be capable to successfully carry out this role.

Business Investment Visa

The Atlanta Business Visa Team with Pozo Goldstein, LLP successfully assisted a notable Italian Journalist obtain an extraordinary ability visa for his work in political and socioeconomic journalism. The visa will allow him to continue to serve in the U.S. for one of Italy's most widely circulated newspapers. The individual has received international praise for his work, and is widely considered to be an authority in his field of expertise having achieved recognition substantially above his peers in this area.

Extraordinary Ability Visa

The Business Visa Team with Pozo Goldstein, LLP successfully assisted a notable Italian Sports Journalist obtain an extraordinary ability visa for his work in the art of sports journalism, particularly U.S. sports, Olympic sports, and Soccer. The visa will allow him to continue to serve in the U.S. for one of Italy's most widely circulated newspapers. He has made significant contributions to the success of distinguished journalists through his skillful and broad form reporting, for which he has personally received due recognition within the global media industry as a whole.

Business Investment Visa

The Business Visa Team with Pozo Goldstein, LLP successfully assisted an eco-friendly real estate developer and management company obtain a visa for their CEO. The visa will allow him to serve in the U.S. where his company will continue to develop beautiful designs with self-producing energy systems and low-impact energy consumption. By implementing the most advanced techniques in energy conservation and building efficiency the visa recipient is helping guide the company to a more socially responsible and environmentally respectful way of inhabiting the world we live in.

Employment Visa

The Business Visa Team with Pozo Goldstein, LLP successfully assisted one of the largest and most prestigious medical centers in South Florida obtain a visa for one of their most essential members acting in the specialized position of Coordinator of Organizational and Logistic Development. The visa will allow him to serve in the U.S. where the company continues to stress their core value of personal commitment to the health and well-being of the patients they serve. The individual's extensive education and work experience make him the ideal candidate for this specialized position.

Business Investment Visa

The Atlanta Business Visa Team with Pozo Goldstein, LLP successfully assisted a South Florida automobile repair franchise obtain a visa for one of their one of their most essential members. The visa will allow him to serve as the company's General Manager where his work experience in the industry provides him with a deep understanding of both client interaction and the business side of the industry, providing the company a General Manager capable of directing with a pervasive know how.

Miami Immigration Lawyer - Family-based Visa Petition

Jamaican client and her minor daughter each were approved and adjusted to legal resident status based on the client's marriage to an American citizen.

Adjustment of Status - Immigration Lawyer

Our client, a Nigerian National, was previously accused of marriage fraud. Her case was appealed to the AAO and was remanded to USCIS for a second interview. After the second interview, our client was granted lawful permanent resident status.

E-2 Investor Visa

Pozo Goldstein’s Business Immigration Attorneys recently obtained an H-1B visa for a marketing research analyst in a major global logistics company. The company’s new employee will help them work with existing South American clients, analyze their competition and recommend growth strategies moving forward.

E-2 Investor Visa

Pozo Goldstein's Business Immigration Attorneys recently obtained an H-1B visa for a marketing research analyst for a financial services firm on Wall Street. The new employee has special knowledge that will be key to helping the company research and develop a strategy for expansion into Asia.

H1B Visa

Pozo Goldstein, LLP's business visa attorneys recently received one of the last H-1B approvals for the 2012 season. We helped a New York based Design & Branding Agency hire a designer to help them with projects for their long list of exclusive clients.

Marriage Visa Petition Appeal of Denial

Our client presented as the beneficiary of a marriage visa petition. The District Director in Orlando, Florida, determined that because our client was allegedly involved in a prior marriage that was considered fraudulent, that she could not benefit from the current marriage with a visa approval according to Section 204(c) of the Immigration and Nationality Act. The determination of the prior marriage fraud was based on a perceived lack of documents and discrepancies during the interview process. After review of the case, we determined that the District Director did not have enough evidence in the record to make the fraudulent marriage finding. We appealed to the Board of Immigration Appeals and they agreed with us and sustained our appeal. The case has been remanded to USCIS in Orlando, Florida with instructions to adjudicate the visa petition under their ruling of no marriage fraud.

L1-A Visa

The business visa team with Pozo Goldstein, LLP recently obtained an L-1A visa approval for a successful New Zealand marketing company expanding into the US. The company had immediate needs to transfer one of the founding partners to New York to lead US-based expansion efforts.

E-2 Visa

The Business Visa Team with Pozo Goldstein, LLP successfully assisted a Florida technology startup obtain a visa for one of their primary investor's from Italy. The visa will allow him to serve as the company's Chief Executive Officer where he will be instrumental to the future success of the company.

ESTA Visa with Waiver

Our client is a British citizen living in Australia who was inadmissible to the U.S. due to two thefts in the United States and because she failed to disclose these arrests on her Visa Wwaiver Program application (ESTA) form previously.

E-2 Visa

The Business Visa team at Pozo Goldstein recently obtained an E-2 Visa for an Italian freight forwarding company seeking to bring an accountant and finance manager to their New York office. This successful company is experiencing global growth and the new team member will be critical to operations moving forward.

O-1 Visa

The Business Immigration team with Pozo Goldstein, LLP obtained an O visa approval for a renowned Italian sports journalist. The reporter's work can be found in publications around the globe, and his new visa will give him the ability to continue to pursue exciting stories in the United States.