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Miami Immigration Lawyer - Adjustment of Status with I-601 Waiver

Represented an individual in adjustment of status proceedings before USCIS in need of an I-601 waiver for unlawful presence and a conviction for Possession of Stolen Property. Individual was an arriving alien with a Removal Order. At the interview, deportation officers were waiting for him until we explained to the adjudication officer that USCIS retains jurisdiction to adjust status for arriving aliens.

Green Card Approved.

Miami Immigration Attorney - Marriage Visa Petition

Husband and wife presented themselves for I-130 visa petition and I-485 Green Card application case at the Kendall USCIS Field Office. The applications were filed concurrently. After an interview with the Kendall USCIS Adjudications Officer, the case was approved.

Visa Petition and Green Card App approved

Miami Immigration Visa Attorney - Cuban Adjustment Act

Native and Citizen of Cuba granted Lawful Permanent Residence pursuant to the Section 1 of the Cuban Adjustment Act. Individual had criminal history issues but Green Card was granted without the need for a waiver (pardon).

Green Card granted and issued.

Miami Immigration Attorney - Adjustment of Status - Cuban Adjustment Act

Client came to us after his application for a Green Card had been pending for over one year with no answer. The client had a minor criminal infraction also. We were able to obtain the necessary information to move his case along with USCIS.

Case granted! Green Card issued.

Miami Immigration Lawyer - I-130 Marriage Petition with I-212 Waiver

Colombian National, previously accepted voluntary departure and left the United States. She is married to a United States citizen and her initial I-130 petition was denied erroneously. Our firm represented her and the I-130 was reinstated and approved. Also approved was an I-212 waiver, permission to re-apply for admission.

I-130 petition reinstated and granted.

Miami Immigration Attorney - I-130 visa petition

I-130 approval notice received from USCIS Tampa for 11 yr. old Step-Daughter of a United States citizen.

I-130 approved

Adjustment of Status with Waiver - Miami Immigration Lawyer

Our client, a Haitian national married a United States citizen and filed for his green card based on the marriage. USCIS required a waiver; however, because our client had entered the United States with a fraudulent visa. We filed a waiver on our client s behalf and convinced the USCIS that he was worthy of a favorable exercise of discretion and they granted the waiver and his green card application.

Waiver of inadmissibility granted, green card gr

Removing Conditions of Residency - Immigation Attorney - Miami

Woman from Peru with her conditional residency through marriage to a United States citizen needed to remove the conditions but she was divorced. We applied on form I-751 with a request for a waiver of the joint filing requirement. After an interview at the Miami field office, the application was approved and our client will get a 10 year permanent resident card through marriage even though she is divorced from her petitioner husband.

Removal of Conditions Granted.

Immigration Lawyer - Cuban Adjustment Case

Cuban entered the United States without inspection or parole. Without inspection or parole, he could not apply for his green card through the Cuban Adjustment Act. We were able to obtain a parole for him. Once we obtained the parole, we applied for his green card and, after two requests for further information from USCIS, he was finally approved.

Cuban Adjustment granted, Green Card issued.

Miami Immigration Lawyer - Petition to Remove Conditions

Venezuelan National previously married to a United States citizen and granted a temporary green card. During the next two years, her husband mistreated her and she was forced to file for divorce before applying for her permanent green card. We represented her before the Miami USCIS where she applied on her own to become a lawful permanent resident. After the interview with USCIS, the examining officer granted her case and stamped her passport.

Adjustment to Lawful Permanent Resident status
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