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Blog Posts in January, 2014

  • White House dials it down on immigration

    || 22-Jan-2014

    The White House has markedly reduced the rhetoric on immigration reform and has asked immigration reform supporters to do the same. This because signs are that the Republicans who previously opposed any form of immigration reform have shown signs of bending on the immigration reform issue. Signs are that John Boehner has distanced himself from the far right Tea Party folks who oppose any fix to ...
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  • In an unpublished decision, the Board of Immigration Appeals (BIA) decided that when a lawyer fails to file a timely application with the Immigration Court in removal proceedings lure to file the application is solely the lawyer s fault, the Court should construe this as ineffective assistance of counsel. Further, the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals has previously held that if a ...
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  • For years, immigration advocacy groups have been lobbying Congress to pass comprehensive immigration reform. A large portion of the lobbying efforts come from the Hispanic community. It is a very well known fact that the Republicans admit that elections are being influenced by the Hispanic vote and that they must connect with this group by paying attention to immigration reform. Another huge ...
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  • California Grants Law License to Undocumented Immigrant

    || 4-Jan-2014

    The California Supreme Court ruled that a man who has lived in the United States in an undocumented status for 20 years will be permitted to obtain a law license to practice law in California. This is yet another sign of giving status to the millions of undocumented immigrants living in the United States. The Supreme Court actually was simply siding with State officials in that California had ...
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  • The Fight for a Driver s License in Arizona

    || 3-Jan-2014

    Alessandra Soler of the American Civil Liberties Union discusses the lawsuit filed against the state for refusing to issue driver s licenses to those who qualify for the the federal Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program. [Howard Fischer/Capitol Media Services] In true form, the State of Arizona has decided to deny driver s licenses to those immigrants who applied for and were ...
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  • Deportations On the Decline

    || 2-Jan-2014

    Deportations are actually declining during the Obama administration after an initial surge when the President first took office. The initial rise in deportations was spurred by the administration s effort to increase enforcement to satisfy Republican demands that the nation s immigration laws be strictly enforced and that violators be deported. As President Obama s frustration ...
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  • New Year s Eve Downer

    || 1-Jan-2014

    On December 31st, not many people were working at the Immigration Court when I entered the parking lot to file documents with the court. I parked in the delivery parking spot and asked the security guard inside if it was permissible to park there as I was delivering motions to be filed with the court. The security guard at the Immigration Court said it was fine for me to park there. After about 30 ...
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