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Blog Posts in September, 2014

  • Undocumented Immigrants in the Military?

    || 29-Sep-2014

    In a surprise announcement from the Pentagon, the U.S. will now allow undocumented immigrants to serve in the United States armed forces. Yet, the skeptics are already weighing in on this policy that is really not what it seems. The application for military service will be under the Military Accessions Vital to National Interest program. This program recruits skilled foreigners but only if they ...
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  • The Immigration Battle in Congress

    || 28-Sep-2014

    If you listen to the Republicans, they are saying there is a better chance for an immigration overhaul if their party wins control of Congress in November. If they control both chambers, they would have a stronger negotiating hand with President Obama in hammering out a bill that would fix the Nation's immigration system. Greater trust between the House and the Senate would go a long way to ...
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  • The Delay in Executive Action for Immigration Reform

    || 27-Sep-2014

    Why did President Obama delay executive action for comprehensive immigration reform? One needs to look no further than back to 1994. In 1994 President Clinton the Democrats pushed a crime bill through and gun control politics have not recovered. Here, the Obama administration has come under intense scrutiny by immigrant advocates tired of delays in Congress to fix the Nation's broken immigration ...
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