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Case Results

Recent Posts in Case Results Category

  • Relief Granted for Our Client in Custody in Atlanta

    || 6-Jun-2014

    Our client was detained by Immigration and Customs Enforcement because of various convictions for burglary and child custody interference in Florida which occurred well over ten years ago. He has since moved on and changed his life. He has a family who depends on him. Unfortunately, ICE can detain people many years after a person believes his debt to society is paid. The scenario is that now the ...
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  • Withholding of Removal Granted by Immigration Judge

    || 31-Dec-2013

    We were retained by our client's family to represent him in Removal Proceedings after he was placed in ICE custody, following an attempt to enter the United States using a fraudulent visa. Our client was caught at his entry point and taken into Federal custody where he was found guilty and served a three month sentence. When we were retained, our client was being moved from the Federal detention ...
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  • Adjustment of Status Same Sex Marriage

    || 30-Dec-2013

    A couple who had been together in a committed relationship for over 10 years, finally decided to get married in New York, following the decision to repeal the Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA) on June 26, 2013. One of the men was a native and citizen of Peru who had applied for political asylum in 1995. When that case was denied, he accepted an order of voluntary departure and left the United States. ...
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